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I have suffered with acute psoriasis and eczema for over 45 years. During this time, I have spent thousands of dollars going to numerous doctors, trying every new drug and using all the "old home remedies" - all to no avail. My hands had such a build up of dead skin cells that I could not even get a true fingerprint on my driver's license. That has now changed after 4 months of treatments with Myriam. My skin is no longer dry and itchy. The best thing of all is that my 5 year old grandson no longer refers to my hands as "pokey fingers".

Charlene In Sacramento, CA

I became interested in the clay treatment by Myriam years ago when I suffered from a severe bout with acne. My Uncle had acne such as this when he was my age as well, but he received no treatments. The difference today thanks to regular treatments is that unlike my uncle, I suffer virtually no scarring and you would never be able to guess the turmoil my face went through during puberty. I am still a customer and always grateful.

Thank you.

Anthony Hughes

I just wanted to write and say a huge thanks to Myriam and give a personal testimony about the healing properties of TTE Skincare products and the amazing results of using the native american clay mask. this is a long story but has amazing results…read on!

I have had Rosacea for almost 10 years, which is a hereditary, chronic (meaning long term) skin disorder that most often affects the nose, forehead, cheekbones, and chin. I have chronic facial redness, flushing and broken vessels.

I have spent a lot of money on products that are promoted to be for sensitive skin and good for women with Rosacea, over the years, but i have found none that clear the skin of the acne and reduce the heat and redness in my face. my face always has some inflammation, accompanied by skin eruptions. skin tissue can swell and thicken and may be tender and sensitive to the touch.

I have seen myriam for healing facials on a monthly basis for about the last 6 months. I went from having very red, sensitive skin with white heads and acne-like pustules to clear skin! I was frustrated that i still had the chronic facial redness so I decided that I would have the vascular laser treatment done at a local laser & skin center to remove the broken blood vessels. Myriam suggested after that procedure i come in for the clay mask that would be healing.

I was in denial that I would have such an extreme reaction to the laser treatment. Within 2-3 hours of the procedure, I had swollen purple discoloration, bruised and burning cheeks, and swollen eyes. even with using cold packs on my face and eyes, by the next morning i had weeping blisters on both cheeks and chin and my eyes were swollen shut. i was really frightened and the instructions provided by the laser center said to keep the area moist with ointment and really nothing more. a call to the dermatologist left me confused but using a vinegar solution several times a day. this stung and just didn’t feel right. the doctor insisted the discomfort usually lasts only a few hours, boy were they wrong!

I called Myriam for help and she suggested using only the clay soap, the vitamin oil and the restore moisturizer twice a day until i could see her the next day for the clay mask, keep the area moist with extra vitamin oil if needed. the first application of clay was cooling, soothing and substantially reduced the blisters and swelling in my nose and eyes in a 15 minute application! when i returned home, using the oil and restore throughout the day brought protection for the skin to heal and not dry out.

I returned to Myriam for a clay mask in every two day intervals and each time noticed the dead skin lifting away showing new healthy skin, dark purple blotches reduced to lighter pink bruises and a surprising reduction in swelling.

In less than five days, i am no longer embarrassed to go out in public and I have more confidence that I am healing and not scarring. I will certainly promote this healing clay facial treatment to my dermatologist and to you readers. This natural clay is not just any clay, it’s minerals and healing properties are unique. I am not a scientist, i just see the results! the final outcome is still unknown about the removal of the broken blood vessels…I will update you in the future about that.

Gratefully, Joan, El Dorado Hills, CA

I would like to tell you how very delighted I was with my recent clay facial.

I have worked with, promoted and used many skin products in the industry over the 15 years, because of this I experimented a great deal, perhaps too much. This left my skin extremely thin, sensitive and reactive making me extremely nervous about having any kind of facial ever again. I arrived nervous and anxious and I even cancelled all social engagements for the weekend not believing that there would not be some down time associated with this. I have tried many facials that were supposed to be gentle with no down time only to be horrified and disappointed. However this once, a product has lived up to it's promise. I would never have
believed clay could be so powerful yet gentle. The results were simply amazing with the added bonus of NO DOWN TIME!

Can't wait for my next one.

Georgia Thompson

Dear Miriam and Branka:

Just a note to let you know about the fantastic results I have experienced with my treatment for the psoriasis on my head. I had my first appointment on April 13th, and enjoyed the whole process of the mud and the oil. My second treatment was on April 17th. I then went on vacation. I continued to use the soap and the oil daily. My third treatment was on May 1st. My scalp is 99% free of the psoriasis and I have only a little itching at times. It is a true miracle! I have tried everything to get rid of the itching and the flaking. I was really miserable! I love to wear black, but was so embarrassed to do so, as every time I unconsciously scratched my head I would have a shower of flakes on my shoulder!

Thank you for working with me to relieve my itching and embarrassment!


Ramona Opray

In the before picture notice the scalp is a white color and is much different from the clients natural skin tone of her face.

After multiple treatments her scalp has returned to its natural skin tone and also has relieved the dry, itchiness and flakiness as well.

This client had a condition on his hands which caused excessive amount of dead skin to build up. After two years of going through doctors, creams and without any success he came to us.

After just five treatments with the clay and skincare products this clients hands showed remarkable results. His hands are no longer covered with dead skin cells.

In many cases we see babies with rashes and eczema all over their bodies. The babies are of course very uncomfortable and since they don’t know not to itch are often very red and irritated from scratching themselves. We first apply a clay masque, allowing the clay and minerals to seep into the skin. Since the clay is sulfur and chemical free it does not harm the baby’s sensitive skin, rather it calms and relieves the problem away.

Just after 5 treatments you can see the baby’s skin is not irritated or inflamed anymore. In most cases the five day masque treatment is all it takes to treat these outbreaks and the client is back to enjoying life; rolling, laughing and just being a baby again.






This client as you can see had very dry, scaly and irritated skin on her feet.

After our clay treatment you can see the results. Now the skin is smooth, natural looking and back to a healthy look.










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