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What is Natural Clay

Natural Clay Facial

The Natural Clay Facial is one of the safest and the most natural methods of exfoliation. This procedure does not use any machines, chemicals, or peels. The only “tools” used are a cream made of only clay and water, and the esthetician’s fingertips to spread the cream over the area to be treated, using a featherlike touch.

TTE Video – Learn more about the Natural Clay Exfoliation and about our clients results

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Who can get a Natural Clay Facial?

The Natural Clay Facial can help men, women, and even children with problem skin. Furthermore, for those who have clear skin, the treatment can help to rejuvenate their skin and rid the pores of any impurities. As the skin is exfoliated with the clay, the impurities from the skin are surfaced, the pores shrink, and the dead cells become finer.

Special Benefits

Unlike most other skin treatments, the Natural Clay Facial can be applied around the eyes and lips, as well as the neck and décolleté. The clay is sulfur free and all natural making it available to all skin types and ages. Additionally, the clay is applied up to five to seven times in one service, which is not the case with other similar skin treatments. Most other clays are only applied once as a masque, allowed to dry, and then removed by the esthetician during a visit, because any more applications can irritate the skin.

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