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The course of training offered for Native American Natural Exfoliation is a two (2) day course. During this training period there will be a great deal of information imparted to the student.

The first part of the program involves the hands on training of the Natural Exfoliation. The student will work on 8 models over two consecutive days. There will be four models per day and each treatment will take two hours per person. During each model's time there will be information given as to the various skin types being treated. Part of the training involves learning the different skin types and diseases people may have and how they will be helped by the Natural Exfoliation. As this is a natural product and process, every client can use it. The student will learn more detailed information about facial muscles and how to distinguish the way the exfoliation is to be administered going with the flow of the face. The ultimate goal is to teach the student to perform the exfoliation in one hour.

The second part of the program deals with the products used by the skin care professional as the back bar. There are also products, which TTE Skincare offers for home care and there will be instruction given as to how these products will benefit their future clients.

We prefer coming to your location where you choose all your 8 models needed for the two day training. We have seen countless times where the models will purchase your opening order products after the service, making you money and sometimes even paying for your entire training cost. Also these models will be the beginning of your new client base. It’s a win win situation for you and your models.

There currently are three classes available.

Indian Clay Facial Class

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Indian Clay Body Class

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Indian Clay for Infants

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Home Regimen Product

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